Clubbing the Finland Swede way

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Clubbing the Finland Swede way

Finland Swedes have not only had an influential role to play in times gone by. Many younger artists and musicians hail from Swedish-speaking backgrounds as well. Helsingfors-born Glenn Grip, a.k.a. DJ Physics, is one of a growing number of Finland Swedes who consider themselves fully integrated into the Finnish club scene, yet remaining proud of their roots.

“I pretty much started out in the late 1990s,” he says. “The first nights I did were together with people like Nick Fury, who also has a Finland-Swedish background, and the Original Jungle Riddims nights in Helsinki. After a series of drum and bass parties I have been doing several one-off promotions and these days I run a night called Beatniks, where we bring over DJs on regular basis from the UK as well as showcasing the best in Finnish talent.”

Like everywhere, the music and club scene in Helsingfors is constantly evolving, believes Physics. “I feel there has been quite a big development. It’s not so much about genres anymore; it’s more a mixture of everything that seems to be popular. Also the fact that I’m getting older and the clubbers are getting younger has come to my attention!”

Like many young Finland Swedes, for Physics this aspect of his history still holds some personal relevance. “I think Finland Swedes are very well integrated into Finnish society,” he argues. “Of course there are some differences in culture when it comes to traditions and music, but I don’t think the fact I am a Finland Swede has affected me much at the end of the day. However I am proud of my heritage and I hope I can encourage other young Finland Swedes to get involved in electronic music.”