Finland-Swedish culture 

Across such disciplines as literature, theatre, movies, music and poetry, Finland Swedes have always found unique ways in which they can express themselves.

Casting an eye back through Finland’s history, the artistic landscape is peppered with many famous Finland Swedes. Did you know that prominent Finnish artists Jean Sibelius and Tove Jansson were both born into Swedish-speaking families?

“The culture is getting stronger with many different new names,” says author Monika Fagerholm, commenting on the current flurry of Finland Swedes’ creativity. “It is very dynamic here with two cultures. Swedish is my native tongue when I write, but I also appreciate Finnish language and culture as being very important. The younger generation also thinks this way. Uncertainty creates dynamics in the individual.”

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A likely story

“I write because I want to explore things,” states author Monika Fagerholm. Admired for her highly musical writing style, incorporating local mannerisms and literary allusions, Fagerholm’s work has been highly recognised both here in Finland and abroad.

“I write everywhere, about this and that” she continues. “It belongs to the profession to be obliged to be interested in everything!” Drawing upon the environment of her residence along Finland’s southern coast, Fagerholm’s work pulses with vivid images of the Finnish landscape.