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Swedish language literature in Finland

It is well known that Finns love reading – some 22 million books each year in fact. Thus Finland Swedes have ample opportunity to explore the world of literature. With around 11,000 titles in Swedish available at Stockmann’s Academic Bookstore, these make up around 10% of the total number of books on offer.

Finland Swedes have a long history of producing a great number of talented scribes, including national poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg. In more recent years, authors such as Kjell Westö have regularly topped the bestseller lists.

Drawing on history

The creator of some of the most ubiquitous characters to come out of Finland, Tove Jansson was born in Helsingfors in 1914 to Finland Swede parents. After writing her first Moomin comic as a reaction to the misery of the Second World War, she quickly became the most read author in Finland. With tales of this family of trolls covering nine books, five picture books, a cartoon series and a comic strip, her legacy lives on and her canon has been translated into 33 languages – second only to that of The Kalevala.